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Map: Centreville Recreation Park

Organizers: Jim Blanchard (Event Director), Jim Blanchard (Course Planner)

Map: Centreville Park

This will be Barebones style event, meaning the approach will be casual in order to minimize the amount of volunteer capacity required, while still providing an enjoyable event for orienteers.
The Venue: Centreville Park at 1042 Sherman Belcher Rd. has open fields, wooded trails with mature woods of Spruce and Pine with a scattering of hardwood and a couple of buildings. Terrain is quite flat and no rocks or cliff features.

The Courses: Score with Twist, so to speak.

Participants will be given their maps as you register.

The Concept: This should work as the map area in Centreville map is small. Secondly, this concept will work with a range of experiences even at night. It gives everyone a chance to score bonus points. The last reason is to introduce something a bit different which requires a lot of thinking as well as running.
Format and Rules:
8 of 60's (61 - 68) - score
8 of 70's (71 - 78) - score
4 of 80's ( 81 - 84) - score or line - do the line to get the bonus points

The process: We will use numbers 61 to 68 and 71 to 78 for 16 controls and then 81 to 84 for line bonus controls for a total of 20 controls. The idea is to begin the 60 series as score or the 70 series as score in any order but not switch between the 60's and 70's until one set is done. The 80's can be done in any order and at any time within the 60 or 70 series controls. To do the 80's you are in either the 60 or 70 series and you jump into the 80 series follow the line between the controls getting them as a point to point set and doing this gives a BONUS of 40 points. You can jump into the 80's at any number between 81 and 84 but then do them in sequence in either direction. Then you go back to finish the series of 60's or 70's that were started and then on to the other set. Also, there will be a time limit as in a regular score 'O' of 50 minutes.
All controls are worth 10 points but doing the line of 81 to 84 starting at any control and in either direction then a bonus of 40 points is rewarded. There is to be no mixing of the 60's or 70's as mentioned. The 80's can be taken as controls within either the 60's or 70's. To be awarded to 40 bonus points, the 80's must be collected on the line in either direction starting at any of the 80 series numbers. You cannot start your navigation with the 80 Series!
An example might be the following: 72, 75, 81, 83, 82, 84, 74, 73, 76, 71, 77, 78, 60, 66, 62 and 67. This would generate (16 times 10) 160 points plus a Bonus of 40 for 200 points. But if the 80 series are not done on the line and acquired in a random order then the Bonus is not added in to the total, just the 10 points for each control. So, you may do the controls in any order IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO DO THE TWIST CONCEPT. You will just not get the Bonus points.
Getting all 16 score controls ( 60 and 70 series) and the 80 series, as explianed, gives a total of 240 points. Doing all 20 in a random order gives 200 points.
The map area in Centreville is relatively small and with no hills or rock or cliff features so the running is easy. Thus, navigation will require multiple crossings of the area to get all controls and within 50 minutes.

NOTE: Thanks to Mary and Paul Bottomley this concept is available to us. Mary had to work in MeOS data base to set the scoring to accommodate the above concept. Thank you both!!!


  • Prior to participating in their first event, all participants must have completed the Orienteering NS registration form and the Orienteering Canada waiver provided at the following link. Once completed for your first event, you are done for the year.
  • Once membership and waiver are completed, register for courses by selecting the appropriate course button on this page.
  • Please ensure you register via these links by midnight Friday Nov 3, 2023 to ensure a map is printed for you.
  • On-site check-in will take place from 18:00 to 18:45 hrs. Again, please ensure you have completed membership/waiver in advance (see above).
  • Check in at the registration table by 18:40 hrs at the latest ( a bit earlier is better) on event day to take care of payment if necessary and to let us know you’ve arrived.

Membership and Waiver

Last minute registration: This can be done on site, but we typically only have a few extra maps because we didn’t know you were coming... Also, pre-registration allows the on-site details to move more quickly.

VOLUNTEERS would be appreciated for a few tasks associated with the event (e.g. Beginner clinic, registration, control pickup). Please see here to sign up.

Snacks: A small post race treat will be available, but participants should bring their own water if needed.


Please use the parking lot of the Centreville Park of of Sherman Belcher Road. - registration will be visible from the parking lot in a building at the end of teh parkign area.


There is a washroom facility within the building where registration will be located.


18:00 hr Registration Opens

18:45 Safety Brief

19:00 (Mass Start)

Entry Fees:

The following are the fees for this event (pre-registered), add $5 for day-of registrations:

How to Pay:

In advance (preferred):

By Electronic funds transfer to the following email:

In person: A payment container will be available. Please bring correct change.


To Jim at:

Where can I get some of that cool Orienteering Kit before the event? Visit the O-Store!


Event is at Centreville Park in Centreville of the Hwy 359 (see map below). Please park at the parking area off of Sherman Belcher Rd.

Registration and Start Finish will be at the pinned location shown in the map below.



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