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Annapolis Valley Orienteering Club (AVOC) is an active orienteering club in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia. We have areas mapped in Windsor, Wolfville, Kentville, Canning, Centreville, New Minas, Lumsden Dam and a bit further afield to include St Mary's Academy in Weymouth and near by at Savary Provincial Park. Also there is a map at Plymouth School outside of Yarmouth and one at Arcadia, just past the airport in Yarmouth.

Orienteering is a sport involving navigation with map and compass. Participants run, walk, ski, mountain bike, or even canoe (depending on the venue) to a series of points shown on a map. Each participant or group of participants chooses their own route—on and off trail—that will help them locate points in the landscape and return to the finish in the least time.

This inexpensive sport is for everyone, regardless of age, experience or fitness level. It involves map reading, strategic thinking and decision-making and provides a great workout. Most events have courses designed for beginners. Families and groups can enjoy events together or individuals can race at their own pace. Orienteering events take place anywhere that can be mapped including parkland, forest, schoolyards, complete wilderness or campuses.

Any type of map can be used for orienteering, but the best ones are very detailed five-colour topographic maps which are developed specifically for orienteering. These maps show details such as contours, vegetation, path/road networks, and natural and man-made features.

New to orienteering?

Check out the resources below to help get you started:

Orienteering Canada (Click on the "What is Orienteering" and "How do I get started" links!)

Learn Orienteering (Beginner to advanced orienteering information, including IOF control symbols and loads of other useful information.)


Results for each event can be seen by clicking on the event under 'past events' to the right, or by locating the event on the 'calendar' tab and clicking on it. Results and splits are also posted on the Orienteering Nova Scotia and AVOC Facebook pages following the event.