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Organizers: Jim Blanchard (Event Director), Sean Merrett (Coach)

INFORMATION BELOW CURRENT AS OF August 24, 2023 - Event is POSTPONED due to extreme weather conditions forecast for 26 August to Saturday 2 September. All timings will remain the same other then the date.

AVOC and Digby Recreation will be hosting a Beginner Clinic and an afternoon Orienteering event on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 2, 2023 at Savary Provincial Park. The terrain is a Provincial Park,which includes fields, some wooded area and a few trails. PLEASE NOTE: For this event, cash cannot be exchanged at the Provincial Park. Payments can be made through Digby Recreation's online system (clinic or both clinic/event) or by e-transfer to Orienteering Nova Scotia (event). Digby Area Recreation Commission can also take cash payments at the office (M-F, 8:30-4:30).

In an effort to reduce waste, please bring your own water. You may wish to stay for the afternoon and have a picnic and enjoy the Digby and Weymouth area. Savary Park is about half way between Digby and Weymouth. In reviewing tide times, low tide is at approximately 1:39 pm. There are two sets of steps to the beach area so with the tide out you will be able to walk along the beach from one set of stairs to the other set and other beach areas along the way.


A Beginner Clinic will be offered through Digby Recreation [ or call 902-245-5006 ]

The Beginner Clinic will take place from 10:00am to 11:30am.

Registration for the clinic will be done through Digby Recreation. If you are participating in the clinic only, or the clinic AND the event, please contact 902-245-5006 the Digby Area Recreation Commission office at register and pay (M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm).

Please meet near the entrance to the park for the clinic.


An Orienteering Event will be held as well, with starts beginning at 1:00pm. Course closure will be at 2:15pm

If participating in the clinic AND the event, please register and pay by contacting Digby Recreation (see above).


To register for the event ONLY, please register on this page by Thursday, August 24, 2023 to guarantee a map and make check-in quick and easy for all participants. Limited same day registration is possible, but dependent on map availability.

REMINDER: Cash payments are not available at this event. Please pay via e-transfer to Orienteering NS (

On-site check-in for the Orenteering event in the afternoon will take place from 12:00pm to 12:45pm. Please ensure you have completed the membership/waiver in advance (see below).

Prior to participating in an event, participants must complete the 2023 Orienteering NS membership process, including the Orienteering Canada waiver. There is no cost, and this is completed once per year.

We are now using a new membership registration system. The first thing it asks for is to create a login to the software. This is necessary so that the system will recognize you when you register for events and it will make next year’s registration process quicker as well!

Please complete this before your first event! (If you registered using the google form system for your first event this year, we thank you for completing the new form as well).


This will be a point-to-point event. Controls must be visited in order. The terrain is varied - a lot of open parkland along with wooded areas with a few trails.

Beginner (1.5 km): The easiest to navigate and shortest distance to cover.

Intermediate (2.0km): More route choice to challenge your navigation skills. Most controls located just off of trails or handrail features. There will be a second map.

Advanced (3. km): Lots of route choice; higher technical difficulty, so good navigation skills required and a second map to add to the interest.

Please follow all municipal, provincial and federal health guidelines while participating.

VOLUNTEERS would be appreciated for a few tasks associated with the event (e.g. Beginner clinic, registration, control pickup). Please see here to sign up.

Entry Fees:

Registration Information

Introductory Clinic











Family (1 or 2 adults plus children)




For this event, SI unit (timing device) rentals are included in the fees. The replacement cost for a lost unit is $45.

Parking:. There is parking at the entrance to the park as well as various picnic sites around the park.



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