3 self-timed score events created by the Annapolis Valley Orienteering Club:

Haliburton House, (414 Clifton Ave, Windsor, NS)

Lockhart-Ryan Park, (Hwy 1, New Minas, NS)

Bigelow Trails (J Jordan Road, Canning, NS)

NOTE: These are the same courses that were posted last year. We hope to have new ones up in May.

See below for details specific to each event.


For each venue a 45 minute score event has been created. You have 45 minutes to go to as many controls locations as you can. Maps have been uploaded to the “Resources” tab (Maps or scroll down to the bottom of the list to "2022 Maprun Maps" - click and all map files are there.) You can download and print the maps, and run the courses on your own schedule. Do as many courses as you like!

Please Note: Control locations will NOT be flagged in any way in the terrain, however the courses will be available on MapRun 6 (or you can still use Maprun F), a smartphone app for orienteering that allows you to load the course onto your smartphone, track yourself using GPS, receive notifications when you reach each control and upload and compare your results to others who have completed the course. This app works quite well in open areas. Under tree cover, you may need to wait a few moments near the control site for the unit to pick up GPS and notify you. [If it does not register controls that you have been to, you can contact Pam James through AVOC at ValleyOrienteering@outlook.com and she may be able to add you to the results.]

The maps and courses will be available until May 1, 2022.


Can be found here:


For those with a Garmin device, MapRunG can also be used, and you can run without your phone:


To load the course in the app click "Events Near Me" or "Select Event" to find 2021 events. Or you can use the links below if using Maprun6:

Canning Score

Haliburton Score

Lockhart Ryan Score


Please be sure to visit the Orienteering Nova Scotia website or http://www.orienteering.ca/resources/covid-19/ for the most up-to-date information on COVID protocols before completing your event(s).


You must have a 2022 waiver and membership form on file to participate. These can be completed online using the links below (the waiver can be accessed from within the membership form as well). Please follow all municipal, provincial and federal health guidelines while participating.

Membership (includes link to waiver): https://forms.gle/AXBDb2c9gi6pA2hA7

Waiver: https://forms.gle/c2d2g8RSQvZiRJXp9


Haliburton House, (414 Clifton Ave, Windsor, NS) - Pam James, Course Planner

Washrooms at the museum may not be available

Main gate is open weekdays from mid April to June 2 closing at 4:30pm. From June 2 to October 2 the main gate will be open weekdays 7:00am-430pm, weekends and holidays 9am - 4:30. Participants are welcome to use the grounds outside of these times, as long as they park on the streets around the property, and keep the area around the gates clear in case of emergencies.

Be aware of disc golfers, who may also be using the area (and if you are a disc golfer, feel free to bring your discs and use the course!) There is a disc golf tournament on March 26, 2022 --please do not choose this date to complete the course.

In the winter be careful not to walk on the groomed ski trails.

Lockhart-Ryan Park, (Hwy 1, New Minas, NS) - Mark Sypher, Jim Blanchard, Course Planners

Be aware of disc golfers, who may also be using the area (and if you are a disc golfer, feel free to bring your discs and use the course!)

There is a disc golf tournament on April 2, 2022 and April 30 - May 1, 2022--please do not choose these dates to complete the course.

Park closes at dusk

Bigelow Trails, (J Jordan Road, Canning, NS) - Stephen Martin, Course Planner

Please avoid school hours when completing these courses (i.e. use after 3:15pm or on weekends), as the map covers the grounds of two schools



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