Organizer: Jim Blanchard (Host)

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Community Coach Orienteering Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed for orienteers, teachers, cadet leaders, Scout and Guide leaders or any other youth organization interested in understanding the responsibilities and functions for coaching beginner and intermediate skill level orienteers. There is a lot of time spent on teaching basic skills and setting up an orienteering practice. Coaches completing this workshop will be recognized as a Trained Community Sport Coach in Orienteering by the Coaching Association of Canada.

The functions of a Community Coach include:

Providing support in training by setting up and securing the training environment, leading participants in training activities, and providing constructive feedback to improve skills and promote self esteem.

Planning a practice whereby the coach produces or modifies a safe and organized practice plan that promotes the development of one or more skills.

Analyzing performance whereby the coach can detect and correct basic skill errors.

Supporting the competitive experience by preparing the athletes for their first and future participation at orienteering events.

Making ethical decisions with respect to the interactions with athletes and reactions to events at practices and competitions.

Additional and Organizational Information

This workshop will be held on 12 May, 2018 from 9 to 5:30 pm. Location is at the Louis Millet Community Complex at 9489 Commercial St. New Minas, across from Ken-Wo Golf Club. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to get your self situated. A greeter and or signs will direct you via “O” controls placed on the walkway to the door entrance.

You will need to bring snacks and your lunch. Please plan to remain on site for lunch, if at all possible, we will only take 30 minutes for lunch time. You also should bring your laptop, if you have one. If not, a tablet will be acceptable. Your device must be able to read pdf format as some of your material will be printed for you but other documents will be in the pdf format which you will need to be able to read during the course. We will make this material available via Dropbox and in case you cannot get into Dropbox we will provide a usb thumb drive on-site.

We will be doing both outdoor and indoor activities. So, come prepared to be outdoors in weather conditions and even a change of footwear and clothes, if conditions dictate inclement weather.

Community Coach Workshop Sampler


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