Organizers: Cheryl Smith (Event Director), Pam James (Controller), Jim Blanchard (Course Planner)


Name Class Course Start Time
Adam, Desmond and Finlay Secord Open 3 Course 3 11:02:00
Aidan and Owen Winter Open 1 Course 1 11:08:00
Ashley Harding M21-34E Course 5 11:16:00
Brad Toms M35-44 Course 5 11:11:00
Bridget Adams W45-54 Course 3 11:13:00
Cam Fancey M35-44 Course 5 11:12:00
Cheryl Smith W21-34E Course 4 11:22:00
Ed James M45-54 Course 5 11:08:00
Elijah and Nathaniel Walker Open 1 Course 1 11:05:00
Emily Secord W35-44 Course 4 11:01:00
Harold McQuade M45-54 Course 5 11:06:00
Heather Walker W35-44 Course 4 11:20:00
Ian and Kara Clark Open 5 Course 5 11:15:00
Iona Adams W13-14 Course 1 11:12:00
Jim and Andrew Jotcham Open 3 Course 3 11:08:00
Jim Hoyle M80-84 Course 2 11:07:00
Jodi Isenor M35-44 Course 5 11:09:00
Kara Turner W45-54 Course 3 11:10:00
Karine Isenor W45-54 Course 3 11:09:00
Ken Walker M55-64 Course 3 11:12:00
Lily Hall W12 Course 1 11:09:00
Margie James W75-79 Course 2 11:05:00
Matt Hall M45-54 Course 5 11:07:00
Monica, Darrin, Norman and Mackenzie Beaton Open 1 Course 1 11:04:00
Noah James M17-20 Course 5 11:14:00
Patricia Duncan W21-34E Course 4 11:03:00
Peggy Winter Open 3 Course 3 11:11:00
Wayne Myles M45-54 Course 5 11:04:00
Zach James M13-14 Course 1 11:13:00
Desmond Secord M10-S Course 0
Finlay Secord M10-S Course 0
Keagan Jotcham M10-S Course 0
Milo Hall M10-S Course 0
Evie Hall W10-S Course 0


To pre-register, email Cheryl Smith ( by Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 9:00pm, or on the AVOC website: Please include full names, course/category, and SI number (or rental) for all individuals entering. Event day registration will be available from 10:00 am to 10:30 am (or during the barbeque for relay-only participants).

Entry Fees

Canada Cup Sprint

2-Person Relay


On Day


On Day

Juniors (<18)



$10 per team

$15 per team




Wayfaring Group



Family maximum



Community Groups—per member (i.e. Scouts, Guides, Cadets, etc.)



SI Rental: $3 per unit (required if you do not own an SI stick)

Note: Junior registration is set at a nominal amount as we are encouraging as many youth to participate as possible. Also, all funds from this event go to Orienteering Canada for Junior Athlete Development across Canada.

Start: SPRINT: Staggered starts begin at 11:00 am. A start list will be posted by 6:00pm on May 27, 2017 on the OANS website (see below); participants registering on race day will be provided start times at registration.

RELAY: The relay will have instructions at 1:30pm followed by a mass start at 1:45pm.

Type: SPRINT: Point-to-point. A traditional sprint course, where controls are visited in numerical order. This is a Canada Cup Event, meaning the event will have a full range of age classes and courses available. Course closure: 12:15pm.

RELAY: 2-person point-to-point relay. Each team member will run twice. Full information will be posted on the website prior to the close of pre-registration.

Categories: SPRINT: Standard Orienteering Canada age classes as follows (as well as an open category on each course, and a string course)

Sprint Course










(string course)





Open 1








Open 2





Open 3






Open 4





Open 5

RWT for Sprint





12-15 (15+ for M45)

RELAY: The relay is a fun event with no defined categories. The overall winning team will have first choice of draw prizes. Each team must have two members. If you wish to participate, but do not have a team, let us know when you register and we will do our best to find you one!

Summary: Park-type terrain with playing fields, open grassy areas, paved and gravel paths. Some forested areas and scattered buildings.

Barbeque: A family barbeque will be held as part of this annual fund-raising event for Orienteering Canada’s junior development program. The barbeque will take place between the Canada Cup Sprint event and the Relay, approximately 12noon to 1pm.

Directions:From Metropolitan Halifax and any points East or West: take Hwy # 101 to

Greenwich exchange, Exit 11. Follow North to intersection of Hwy 1 and turn left at the lights. Proceed West toward New Minas for approximately 3.5km. Just past the Loius Millet Community Centre, turn right at the entrance to Lockhart-Ryan Memorial Park. Orienteering signs will signify parking and registration.

Map: Lockhart-Ryan Memorial Park. Jim Blanchard, 2017. Scale: 1:4000

Dogs: Given the quick-paced nature of the events (and particularly the relay mass start), for safety reasons, dogs or other animals will not be permitted on the courses however are welcome with spectators if appropriately leashed.

For further information please contact:

Meet Director:Cheryl Smith


Course Planner: Jim Blanchard (Sprint), Pam James (Relay)

Controller: Pam James (Sprint), Jim Blanchard (Relay)


Notes from map maker and course designer:

The area of this park is on the South side of Hwy 1as it passes the park on the North side of the road with KenWo Golf Club on the North side.

The terrain is gentle with some steep short hills in a few selected locations. There is a marsh area between two sections of the map which have quite mature forest. The main section of the map is open wooded areas along with two ball fields, three main soccer fields and a smaller soccer field for younger children. The area of the map also includes a brand new recreation centre, a church and a school.

Throughout the park there are a variety of trails of different sizes in width. Vegetation varies from mature forest to areas with small saplings as well as some sections of nasty hawthorn bushes and in the marsh there are areas of thorny rosebushes. Most of the areas with the hawthorn and saplings are listed as ‘light green”. The rosebush areas are marked as “undergrowth, difficult to run”.

There is a tennis court and a paved area for basketball. There are a number of covered picnic areas as well as a splash pad for youth to wet their appetite.

We are sure you will enjoy running in this park and will be waiting for the next event to take place.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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